BMA College Bangalore


With ISBC’s effective placement programme, the graduates have had great success in finding employment in their relevant field. BMA has a tie-up with a professional placement company, which is a pioneer in the world of job recruitment to explore career opportunity. It has more than 100 companies to its credit offering jobs to the students. As a result, the placement programme offers a ‘win-win’ opportunity for ISBC students. We ensure that every student achieves the most out of the practical placement opportunity.

How our Placement Programme Works?

Self Assessment

Self assessment is indeed an essential activity to improve one's job application and interview performance. When it comes to job hunting, it is vital that you identify your skills and formulate these skills to prospective employers. Some of the important aspects to look for are:

Communication Skills
Teamwork Time Management

Once you understand and develop proficiency in these areas, you are ready to attend job interviews. Our placement coordinator will guide each student to identify their skills, improving his or her confidence and self-awareness and prepare him / her to present themselves appropriately during the recruitment process and help them secure the right job he / she is looking for.


You will need to take a employability assessment test (TEA) and will be provided Job Interviews based on the marks obtained in the test.

TEA score above 70% - 5 to 10 Job interviews
TEA Score of 60% - 70% - 3 to 5 Job interviews
TEA Score of 50% - 60% - 1 to 3 interviews

You are allowed to retake the TEA test again 20 days after the first test, if you wish to improve your scores.

There is no additional cost involved for the student to take the TEA test for the first time.

The placement programme offers equitable opportunities for all the students to succeed. We work in your best interest to assure that you achieve the best out of the practical placement opportunity.